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Thu Jan 17 19:36:35 2019

King Aevum - Scholar, Gentleman, Hipster, and Lumberjack
Level: 100                       Gender: Male 
Race:  Gargoyle                  Align:  Neutral
Last on: 9 days 20 hours 53 minutes and 46 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is Brogh, the barbarian guildmaster - 2,452,230 exp
His best party kill is Elvandil the shopkeeper - 2,643,806 exp
Arch-Foe: Elvandil the shopkeeper - 2,643,174 exp
Anmorata tells you: ok a zombie on heroin that's on the nod, yep,
                    that's the kind of zombie i'd rather come face
                    to face with
Merith tells you: Brother, I'm so drunk I read heroin as heroine in
                    your plan and was thoroughly confused for a
                    couple of mins.

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