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Fri Oct 19 22:34:37 2018

Alarielle the Cute little Faerie
Level: 117                       Gender: Female 
Race:  Faerie                    Align:  Neutral
Last on: 2262 days 4 hours 47 minutes and 47 seconds ago
She has no unread mail.
Her best kill is Gurald the lich mage of destruction - 700,012 exp
Her best party kill is Bazehilith the Snake Goddess - 6,782,513 exp
She has a homepage at ICQ 97239851
You're special to me, you're someone I trust. I treasure the 
topics that we have discussed. I'm thankful for times you've
summoned a smile, I'm grateful our paths have converged for
a while. I'm feeling the force of a friendship that's true.
I'm fortunate knowing a person like you. Love you Mojo.

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