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Fri Oct 19 21:40:53 2018

Artea the Shining Star
Level: 60                        Gender: Male 
Race:  High elf                  Align:  Neutral
Last on: 5408 days 23 hours 30 minutes and 15 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is ancient treant - 89,999 exp
His best party kill is a doppelganger clone of Shadowfang - 2,642,468 exp
He is married to Tersa.
He has a homepage at at the end of the void.
~-=*[   Overall Goal: To Love my Wife..  ]*=-~
~-=*[Project "Ray of Hope": Healer/Cleric]*=-~
[Body clock 100% ]=[Heal Wounds 100%  ]=[Health Blessing 100%]
[Cause Wounds 100%]=[Mind Blessing 100%]
~-=*[            Cleric: 0%              ]*=-~

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