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Sat Oct 20 11:14:49 2018

Barkan the Menace
Level: 75                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Treant                    Align:  Neutral
Last on: 4253 days 8 hours 2 minutes and 29 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is Ghaal, the tribe leader - 240,062 exp
His best party kill is an enormous roc - 526,605 exp
Arch-Foe: wailing banshee - 2,100,005 exp
Get to Level 75. Max out Barbarian. Become the first person ever to start
a Barbarian at first level and actually stick it out
without reinc'ing. No one else has ever had the patience.


When one discusses the history of a treant, one does not speak of specific happenings. Indeed, the life of a treant is far too long for any one person to speak or write about except another treant, simply because most other races die long before they can hear any one story in its entirety. This treant will not attempt to write his entire history, as he has much to do that is not related to telling stories about himself. Rather, he will be quite un-treantish and be very brief about his background.

This treant sprouted from the forests of Avalon hundreds of millenia ago. He was seeded by the OakFather, the Sire of all trees in Avalon. I achieved sentience, however, only two hundred and sixteen millenia ago... only middle-aged as treants consider age, and in the prime of my life. I had no intention of ever actually becoming mobile as I am now... I had intended to emulate most treants and merely contemplate nature happily for the duration of my existence. I was quite happy doing so... I was actually in the process of studying the nightly flight patterns of the silver eagle during the winter months of...

Oh dear... forgive me. I said I would be brief.

It was during this contemplation that my peace was disturbed by a great force of magic that shook the earth with its power. It was rather upsetting at the time, but I thought little of it as it had nothing to do with my studies of the silver eagle. As I returned to my contemplations, I began to realize that a large number of new creatures were beginning to frequent Avalon. Intrigued, I engaged one of the creatures in a friendly greeting, and was terribly surprised to find myself under attack by the thing! Well, I had no experience in these goings-on, but I realized that my studies would be greatly interfered with if this creature succeeded in his attacks... so I bent over and crushed the thing with a few blows from my limbs.

Well, I believed that this signalled the end of all this violent business, but I was wrong. Another creature came and acted in a most unfriendly fashion, and I was forced once again to destroy the creature with my limbs... but this time it was much harder to do. I began to realize that I would need to learn more about these creatures so that I might avoid such unpleasantness in the future.

So I uprooted myself and made a pilgrimage to a temple of elves that I had heard about in the northern part of Avalon. They had only recently built the temple about three or four millenia ago, so I felt that perhaps these creatures would be less inclined to attack me outright... elves DO have a reputation for being kinder than most, you know. After much discussion with these noble demi-humans, I was enlightened to discover that a group of individuals known as Barons of Evil had caused the surge of magical energy in the earth, and the new creatures were refugees from many destroyed lands.

Naturally, I was appalled at this news. With very un-treantish swiftness, I reached the decision that my studies of the nightly flight patterns of the silver eagle would have to be put on hold for a few centuries. This new danger to my land had to come first. I made up my mind to learn how to defend myself and seek out the cause of this danger... and stop it if I could.

What more appropriate choice for learning to fight but the way of the Barbarian? This manner of learning was greatly powerful in combat, and its natural bent certainly distinguished itself to me. I quickly discovered that, as a treant, my natural abilities were well suited to this pasttime, and my studies began.

And thus is the story of my beginnings. Oh... I cannot believe how incredibly brief I was in this telling! One would certainly think me very un-treantish. But then, these are trying times. Haste seems to be necessary for victory to be accomplished, and this treant is willing to step up to the challenge of acting hasty. This treant just hopes he doesn't miss anything important about the silver eagle while he engages in this pursuit...

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