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Mon Apr 22 13:56:37 2019

Borrardos the Champion
Level: 50                        Gender: Female 
Race:  Angel                     Align:  Good
On for: 1 days 1 hours 52 minutes and 43 seconds
1 day 49 minutes Idle Time
She has no unread mail.
Her best kill is bandit - 42,725 exp
Her best party kill is Lochrel the lesser demon lord - 1,790,434 exp
Arch-Foe: A mutant squirrel - 90,025 exp
I dont know who ye are, ye need t' splice the mainbrace, i dont
know what ye want. but i ha' a very particular lack o' skills, 
no quarter, i will ne'er be able t' find ye, but what I do have 
is two dollars and a casio wristwatch. Ye can ha' one o' 'em, 
and a bucket o' chum.

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