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Fri Oct 19 07:28:31 2018

Lord Cyric the 12th warrior
Level: 83                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Mindflayer                Align:  Neutral
Last on: 4367 days 2 hours 32 minutes and 24 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is Guillaume, the Keeper of the Unicorns - 325,029 exp
His best party kill is Elvandil the shopkeeper - 2,641,598 exp
Arch-Foe: archdruid Delilah - 89,977 exp
He is married to Spiritangel.
He has a homepage at n/a
Always up for any kind of party 4 hrs or less. (I'm a blaster)
I don't always have a lot of time, but please ask anyway.
Also, I still consider myself a 'normal' person, so any requests for a party
after 2am (central time) will more than likely be denied.  Premium
party time is 8-12pm (central time) *pokes Griff in the stomach*.

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