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Tue Feb 7 11:52:25 2023

Dannil - Keeper of the Words
Level: 950 [Arch]                Gender: Male 
Race:  Half-elf                  Align:  Good
Not logged on.
He is a player killer.
His best kill is Moserath, an ancient dragon - 9,329,807 exp
I'm just poking around in some old code. For now.

=== Woodland mages guild status ===

I have a little more spare time now than in recent months, so I'm
going to try to spend some time to investigate more exactly what it
would take to get the Woodland mages guild back in the game again.

For now, all I'm doing is messing around with the code a bit to
refamiliarise myself with it, so don't get your hopes up. :-/

- Updated some of the stock texts in the spellbook, fixing language
  mistakes and incorrections.
- Fixed a bug in the "wmages" command.
- Apprentices are now less chatty, and more patient.

- Apprentices now greet their master when they're summoned.

- Elemental balance is now personal instead of global. The concept of
  "standing" is removed.
- Fixed a minor bug in the Enchant weapon spell.
- Fixed a bug that let you advance your Woodland level higher than
  your Mage level.

- Made water elementals a little less powerful.
- Made the Woodland staff's WC be affected by the powerlevel of the
  spell used to create it. This makes it less powerful at low levels.
- Elemental balance now affects chance of successfully controlling
  the element, instead of the cost of the spell.
- Elemental balance will now slowly drift towards the center.
- Downgraded the Woodland staff's "rest" mode significantly.

- You now have to be glvl 20 to use 2 element spells (up from glvl 10).
- Changed the order in which you learn the various skills.
- Changed the elements on some spells to make things more logical.
- Added a simple attack spell.
- Downgraded the damage of the lower-level modes of the Woodland staff.
- Rebalances Air elementals slightly.

- Started working on the 'wstatus' command.

- Reduced the effectiveness of the Stoneskin spell by a third, but
  increased the duration instead.
- Fixed a bug in the Mind raid spell.
- Fixed a similar bug in Blade storm.
- Downgraded the damage of Mindblast slightly.

- Fixed the output of the 'held' command so it doesn't look like crap.

- Added better error handling to parts of the internal spell mechanics.
- Added another attack spell.
- Added yet another attack spell.
- Improved the output of the "elements" command.

- Updated the wstaff section of the spellbook.
- It is now possible to give berries and fireseeds to other mages.

- Apprentices will now give you half the berries and fireseeds they
- Added descriptions to the elementals, written by Sheanar. Thanks!
- Removed the obsolete "standing" column from the "wmages" command.

- I've had a few busy weeks. I'll resume work on Woodland soon.

- Apprentices now have an "apprentice" identifier.

- The elemental void now gives you a little more CP each heartbeat.

- Fixed a bug which made it possible to cast multiple buffs of the same
  type on yourself.
- Your Woodland staff will no longer be saved between reincarnations.
- Fixed the formatting on the "held" command output.
- If you should happen to find a Woodland staff on the ground (which
  shouldn't be possible), you can no longer pick it up, as doing so would
  mess things up.

- Started some of the work with the mudlib intergration.

- Started drawing a paper map of the new guild hall.
- Started coding some experimental rooms.

- Most of the rooms for the first part of the guild hall have been

- All but two of the rooms for the first part of the guild hall are
  now done, but will need some further additions.

- The Woodland park - the public part of the new guild hall - is
  now open. It contains a message board where I will post future
  updates. Which means I won't be posting them here anymore.

Things that still need to be done:
- Better integration with the mudlib (this is the difficult part)
- Fix a bug that makes apprentices tank even though they shouldn't
- Redesign the guild rooms
- Fix balance issues
- Fix issues that appear along the way

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