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Sat Oct 20 10:49:58 2018

Dusty the Angel
Level: 50                        Gender: Female 
Race:  Angel                     Align:  Good
Last on: 4718 days 54 minutes and 40 seconds ago
She has no unread mail.
Her best kill is Zorla, a fire elemental - 324,959 exp
Her best party kill is Zilider a terrible black demon - 2,212,690 exp
No Plan.


Born as an angel, I joined the Holy Order of the Clerics at a very young
age. I grow up in peace together with my fellow priests. Together we
fought the evil of this world in the hope that one day the good would
finally overwin evil. We had many joyful moments together, but
sometimes, times were not pleasant. Some priests died, others disappeared
and some became tainted by evil in their battle, which was once so

Dark times had come. The founder of the holy order died, and a few days
later I lost the battle against a dragon. He did not kill me, but kept
me prisoner for a long time. During that time he drained me of my powers
and did magical experiments on me, which slowely transformed me into
what I am now, a draconion. It was a hard test for me, I was no longer
the angel that found protection into the temple of the Holy Order. I now
was alone and imprissoned, not only in the cage where the dragon held
me, but also in my transformed body.

I decided to spend my time meditating, in the hope to regain inner
strength. Slowly I started to accept my new self and began to search for
ways to escape my prison. I decided to keep some of the food he gave me
apart and wait till it started to get mouldy. I then secretly put some
of it in the dragons meal in the hope that he would become sick, be less
attentive so I had a chance to escape. The trick didn't work, so I
started to experiment with other food substances. After several
failures, I was lucky. The dragon got heavy stomach aches and felt so
sick he couldn't keep a close watch on me. I escaped!

When I came back in Lorah a lot had changed. Old people left and new had
come. I walked across the streets and suddenly I heard someone call my
name. It was Angan, my beloved husband. He had been waiting for me the
whole time and I moved into his house again. Good times seemed to have
come again. The Holy Order still existed but I did not feel at home
anymore as before, so I decided to learn new things and become a
magician. I still fight evil around the country in the hope that one
day, all citizens of Loriah can live together in peace and happiness.

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