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Fri Oct 19 16:40:50 2018

Enix the Troll
Level: 50                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Troll                     Align:  Evil
Last on: 1331 days 11 hours 3 minutes and 50 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
He is a player killer.
His best kill is large female troll - 141,049 exp
His best party kill is troll shaman - 1,157,749 exp
Arch-Foe: Morchan, the Death Knight Guildmaster ... - 9,322,585 exp
Arch PK Foe: Draax
He has a homepage at that one place, with the thing and the other stuff.
Science knows it doesn't know everything, otherwise, it would stop.


Enix was born into the guild of the paladins, but he soon grew tired of this tideous life of fighting for justice. So he prayed to the gods to strike him down, and he was reborn as a death knight. And there he reamined for quite some time, enjoying the powers death and choas granted him. But this soul had still not found his calling. It was at about that time Enix heard of the great necromancer, Derahn. Remembering his father, Krillin the necromancer, he decided he must see this man, to see if Derhan could help his drifting soul.
Enix was a face Derahn began to regonize and greet each time he saw hhim, for Derahn knew that everytime Enix came, it meant more money for him. It seemed the rush of reincarnation soon had addcited Enix, and he needed the it to continue to live. Drifting through all the guilds and races loriah had to offer, Enix had still not found what he was meant to be. After realizing Derahn was not helping, Enix prayed to be reborn again, this time to the form of a Demon, which undertook the ways of the druid. Enix had seen a woman perform in this form quite well, and, after all, she had brought Krillin and Enix to this land called loriah, so Enix decided to try it out for himself.
But although he did grow fond of the way of the druid, he knew in his heart he must leave. He returned to Derahn, only to come back again and again, each time taking on a new form. It was not long before Enix had tried every guild, and more then half the races that imhabbited Loriah. He still was looking for a form in which he could stay, a form which he was meant to be. So through reicnarnation and then rebirth once more, and then more reincarnation, he had finally found his form in which he will stay, the strong, bulky, and quickmending body of the troll. But still he drifts, looking for the right guild to follow, the right path to walk down. He is hoping the shamans establish themselves with enough prominance in Loriah so he may learn this path of magicks. And this is were we leave the story of this twisted soul, in the body of a troll, still unsure what proffession he is meant for.

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