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Fri Oct 19 22:57:22 2018

-<@ Miss Fille never changes her title.....
Level: 800 [Elder]               Gender: Female 
Race:  Kitsune                   Align:  Good
Not logged on.
She is a player killer.
Her best kill is a cute fuzzy bunny - 9,312,961 exp
Her best party kill is Mud Bugs - 99,999,999 exp
Arch-Foe: Mud Bugs - 99,999,999 exp [Avenged]
Arch PK Foe: Zaknafein
She is married to the pile of ashes in her hand.
She has a homepage at .
	-Fille's "Completed Projects"-
	   [1] Sun May 16 2004     Abandoned Shack
	   [2] Thu Feb  1 2007     Druid Guild Area Renovations
"I think I have brain dyslexia I'm starting to think out processes in my head." - Fille d'honnuer


One early morning, Fille opened her eyes, and found herself to be. Ever since she has kept mostly to herself, quiet, and silly.

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