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Fri May 24 20:49:32 2019

Fyxen the vixen
Level: 150                       Gender: Female 
Race:  Kitsune                   Align:  Neutral
Last on: 82 days 4 hours 11 minutes and 55 seconds ago
She has no unread mail.
Her best kill is Gir'an, the high elven guard - 2,069,377 exp
Her best party kill is Kraal the bouncer - 11,926,658 exp
Arch-Foe: Kraal the bouncer - 11,926,658 exp
She is married to Dodger.
No Plan.


Where to begin? There is so much to tell--or so little. I was born in
a whelping den somewhere south of the river on Avalon. I'm sure you'll
understand that I don't mention exactly where. My cousins still use it--
a secret place we've had for generations.

They say my grandmother, my mother's mother, was a goddess. And that she
gave her decendants the power to choose the Kitsune Way and venture into
a very different world than the one our more natural kin dwell in. I
wouldn't know about that. She was a bit odd, and there was the spark of
the divine about her, but to say she was a goddess is too much--a minor
godling at most. A very small creature in the worlds of gods, but
beloved to those of us who knew her. She was, always, like a yearling
vixen, just come into her seasons and filled with joy.

I remember the day my grandfather died. My own parents were long dead,
and my elder sister held my mother's territory. When she drove me out
before her first kits were born, my grandparents had been kind enough to
take me in and let me den with them and hunt the fringes of the land they
held together. Grandfather was very old, as foxes go. It was deep winter
of a bad year, and he was ill. We were huddled together that day, in one
of their deeper dens, while a blizzard raged outside. Grandfather lay
between the two of us as we dozed together. Suddenly he raised his head,
his eyes alight with some inner vision. He gave my grandmother a tender
lick on her nose, then lay back down with a deep sigh. I felt the life
go out of him with his breath, and he died.

(to be continued)

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