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Fri Oct 19 22:12:42 2018

Agent Godhand suffers like G did
Level: 125                       Gender: Male 
Race:  Demon                     Align:  Evil
Last on: 2089 days 14 hours 18 minutes ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is Zilider a terrible black demon - 2,210,276 exp
His best party kill is Old sage - 9,326,505 exp
Arch-Foe: a doppelganger clone of Phalidar - 2,913,976 exp
He is married to Kitty.
He has a homepage at
'... and you and me - we're like brothers, only better, because if I meet
 your mother I can sleep with her. But if we were real brothers, I 
couldn't, because she wouldn't let me.

How about I make it up to you?'

"Make what up? Ruining my uncle's power base or sleeping with my mother."

'I never slept with your mother. I haven't met her.'

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