Ages of Despair Finger Gateway

Wed Jan 16 11:44:20 2019

Gwar the Woodland mage novice
Level: 50                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Human                     Align:  Neutral
Last on: 4116 days 3 hours 53 minutes and 45 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is a trained terrorist - 324,989 exp
His best party kill is Allarion, the evil pixie - 1,158,284 exp
Arch-Foe: a vicious knight - 464,093 exp
The soul is the only true blade.
Life is the only training to wield it.
The body is only a vessel.
Only able to grasp the blade once love has been found.
Only able to swing the blade when love has been threatened.

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