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Thu Jun 20 00:56:19 2019

Nefarious Kanut the Avatar of the spirits of nature
Level: 140                       Gender: Male 
Race:  Demon                     Align:  Evil
Last on: 2269 days 9 hours 1 minutes and 57 seconds ago
He has not read 3 of his 21 pieces of mail.
His best kill is Yakyak the Troll - 2,209,339 exp
His best party kill is Zzeifrig, the dragon of death [shi... - 10,492,983 exp
Arch-Foe: Zzeifrig, the dragon of death [shining... - 10,492,983 exp [Avenged]
Arch PK Foe: Deathflames
He is married to Paul.
He has a homepage at .
No Plan.


I've been around Loriah for a long time now, I don't even remember
when I found Loriah. I Also don't know in what ways he started to
explore the lands nearby Loriah. But let me tell you what i do
remember, cause i might not remember everything it doens't mean that i
forgot about everything.

I have met several people in Loriah and I've became very good friends with
Derahn. That's because I usually don't stay very long in a guild, because i
want to know what's happening in other guilds too. But offcourse i've got
one guild where i like to spend most of my time, and that's Psionicist. In
all my reincing-sprees i usually ended up in the Psionicist guild. I like
that guild because you can party with your friends against very
strong warrios around Loriah, and you can also solo very well at this guild.

But as i said, i'm still confused and haven't find out where my heart belongs
to, so untill then i'll stay close friends with Derahn.

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