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Thu Jun 27 12:15:32 2019

Kate the Demon
Level: 101                       Gender: Female 
Race:  Demon                     Align:  Evil
Last on: 2817 days 1 hours 2 minutes and 33 seconds ago
She has no unread mail.
Her best kill is Brother Ilando Zax, last of the brotherh... - 2,099,922 exp
Her best party kill is Yakyak the Troll - 2,099,961 exp
Arch-Foe: Weldar, the ascetic dunadan barbarian - 2,352,789 exp
No Plan.


At first glance, Kate resembles a slender human girl with shoulder-length hair of a rubellite hue. Her slightly pointed ears and lithe movements, however, hint at an elven descent. Darkness clings strangely to both her features and form, as if the shades themselves were somehow drawn to something unnatural in her very being. Her hair ripples with the breeze of her motions, revealing a line of obsidian runes twisting down the curve of her neck and back. Suddenly, for a heartbeat's moment, her shadow flickers into a demonic silhouette, complete with wings, and her eyes seem to glow with the dim red of infravision. The moment passes, her shadow returning to normal as the glow fades from the piercing gaze of her violet eyes.

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