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Mon Jan 22 18:18:44 2018

-=> Keif <=-
Level: 440 [Creator]             Gender: Male 
Race:  Dude                      Align:  Evil
Not logged on.
He has not read 5 of his 29 pieces of mail.
He is a player killer.
His best kill is Thorgoth, general of the army of the und... - 4,824,689 exp
His best party kill is Zzeifrig the dragon of death, shin... - 10,563,465 exp
He is married to His right hand.
"It's a's a! It is the superwiz Keif!"                  
Mortal: 'Please dear superwiz can you fix assasins, write some new areas,
make me a personal super item and make pink elephants fall from the sky?'                                   
Superwiz: 'Oh never worry my dear mortal, I'll just use my faster than
lightspeed fingers and 20 hands. It takes only 10sec..there you go'            
Mortal: 'Oh thank you so much we love you!'                                    

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