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Wed Dec 19 01:16:26 2018

Legoleuka the clueless
Level: 325 [Creator]             Gender: Male 
Race:  Joulupukki                Align:  Good
Not logged on.
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is Jybaan the Freak - 4,567,998 exp
His best party kill is Jybaan the Freak - 4,561,331 exp
He is married to Loneliness.
	-Legoleuka's "Completed Projects"-
	   [1] Fri Nov 30 2001     Gnome settlement

	-Legoleuka's "Plans"-

	Current and Planned Projects:
	   [1] Griffin city....................... (1%)

	Possible Future Projects:
	None .. yet.

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