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Thu Jun 27 13:16:07 2019

Makta the Demon
Level: 85                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Demon                     Align:  Evil
Last on: 53 days 15 hours 22 minutes and 6 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is Allarion, the evil pixie - 1,157,752 exp
His best party kill is Xzivak, Guildmistress of the Necro... - 6,119,347 exp
Arch-Foe: Zzeifrig, the dragon of death [shining... - 10,404,343 exp
Arch PK Foe: Mithras
He is married to Dylan.
No Plan.


Makta is a secrective younge man, not one to let many come too close to his inner self and long hidden secrets. Upon coming to the shores of Loriah he felt his calling in the guild of the infernal Death Knights and thus joined to scourge the land for nothing but his own profit. Unfortunatly for the younge adventurer, he nearly met his demise while in a great battle with a long forgotten ally. The old warrior was slain, but Makta was left battered and bloody, to die and be forgotten like so many lost souls in this world. Miraculously, a fellow member of the Death Knight guild was able to find Makta before he passed into the eternal darkness of the Nether Void, an old friend and adventuring compainion. For months she helped Makta to recouperate and regenerate, helping him to discover his true powers. After much meditation and training, he learned the secrets of dream walking, a long forgotten skill. Makta also became quite fond of his savior, the Death Knight named Dylan during the many months spent in her care. After his healing was complete, Makta realized that his calling was not that of the eternal Death Knights, but that of a rouge. For months he trained in the secretive arts of theivery and martial combat, and is now becoming more and more adept at the black arts with each passing day. Makta also kept in near constant contact with his savior, the adventuress Dylan. The two became more and more close as time passed, and soon fell in love. Makta now resides in the city of Loriah, wedded to his beloved and expecting a child within the months to come. Although preferring the life of crime and shadow, Makta will still stand strong along the side of any ally, and will show no fear to any who would oppose him or his closest companions. He is a great man to befriend, and a nightmare to all that choose to cross him. Makta is, and always will be "The Wanderer of Dreams."

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