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Mon Apr 22 14:45:50 2019

Mithrandir the Psionic Initiate
Level: 66                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Demon                     Align:  Evil
Last on: 4676 days 15 hours 38 minutes and 21 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is Guillaume, the Keeper of the Unicorns - 325,022 exp
His best party kill is Elvandil the shopkeeper - 2,643,760 exp
Arch-Foe: a brown spectre - 138,780 exp
He has a homepage at none
Hey guys I still won't be playing until woodland comes back. 
I am currently playing WoW on the Firetree and Crushridge servers.
Email me or IM me on AOL at ericmasters13


Mithrandir never planned to be an adventurer. When he was young his parents sent him to become a scholar. While there he met his mentor, a robe-clad ancient with a medallion with a large runic 'A' emblazoned on it. Mithrandir and this professor immediately became friends. His professor secretly taught him the arts of the Aldore Mage. When his studies had come nearly to an end, he gated home for the holidays, only to find his village and parents had been annihilated by the Barons. He never went back to his scholarly pursuits, he instead continued his studies as a noble Woodland mage. He spent nearly four years questing through the wilderness with his fire elemental and Woodland staff in search of vengeance. In time he mastered the elements of the Emerald Woodland. When woodland was declared a banished guild he was stripped of his amulet and staff, and sent out into the world as an outcast. Recently townspeople have heard he has become a fearless cloak and dagger in the employ of the assassins guild.

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