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Thu Dec 13 11:09:26 2018

Qilad the High Knight of Death
Level: 36                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Gargoyle                  Align:  Evil
Last on: 4539 days 13 hours 29 minutes and 40 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is A vicious guard dog - 30,001 exp
His best party kill is gnarled treant - 77,281 exp
Arch-Foe: Sage - 1,099,946 exp
He has a homepage at
No Plan.


Qilad is a young Gargoyle who just recently moved from a surrounding village into the city of Loriah. He was born and raised in one of the cave systems which fill the mountains around Loriah. His main hope in traveling to Loriah was that he could help the mayor defend the city and prevent the takeover of the island.
After he came to Loriah Qilad joined the Death Knight guild in the hopes of learning some useful skills and training his body and mind. He has prized his Death Blade for as long as he has had access to it and relishes the control over darkness that the Morchan has taught him. He can many times be found prowling the woods around Loriah, searching for game to hunt.
When Qilad fights he employs a very acrobatic style, due to his abilities with his wings. By flying or using his wings to stabilize his more acrobatic movements he can gain a strong advantage against a weaker warrior. He usually wears only light armor when fighting, preferring to focus on movement to avoid damage to his person. He especially enjoys the ability his control over darkness can give him to disappear from anyone inexperienced with the dark. He loves fighting in the darkness which blinds his enemies.
Qilad stands about normal height and is of a normal build for his race. He is still considered young among his fellow Gargoyles but he seems to have a mind which has been around for a while. His skin is a dark color of gray and he usually wears only minimal clothing in order to be able to move freely. Despite his fair speed while in combat or hunting he tends to move and speak slowly in common areas, and avoids those who are too quick to talk or act. He usually wears a pair of black pants made from a fine material and he almost always carries his death blade in a sheath on his back.

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