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Thu Aug 11 02:17:55 2022

Sheanar the Pleonasm
Level: 139                       Gender: Female 
Race:  Angel                     Align:  Good
On for: 8 hours 56 minutes and 25 seconds
1 hour 7 minutes Idle Time
She has not read 1 of her 51 pieces of mail.
Her best kill is Valdim the High Priest of Bazehilith - 1,790,817 exp
Her best party kill is Ildessa the Shifter [transformed] ... - 11,071,402 exp
Arch-Foe: Zzeifrig, the dragon of death [shining... - 10,864,705 exp
She has a homepage at
*Uzulesc blames you for something.
You tell Uzulesc: what did i do?
Uzulesc tells you: what didnt you do!
You tell Uzulesc: exp

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