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Thu Dec 13 10:23:46 2018

Sparkle the High Knight of Death
Level: 50                        Gender: Female 
Race:  Demon                     Align:  Evil
Last on: 3 days 11 hours 18 minutes and 23 seconds ago
She has no unread mail.
Her best kill is A menacing tesselata eel - 92,447 exp
Her best party kill is Lady Penelope Pendez - 4,099,981 exp
Arch-Foe: Jelath, Spirit of Darkness - 9,321,892 exp
She has a homepage at that place over there
Naradas says: dark little freak
23:58 You tell Uzulesc: i want to get my next rank of pain tol today
23:58 Uzulesc tells you: gonna have some extreme sex huh

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