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Mon Dec 10 15:10:31 2018

Tizoc the Griffon (Bob Backlund #1)
Level: 105                       Gender: Male 
Race:  High elf                  Align:  Good
Last on: 2065 days 15 hours 35 minutes and 49 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is king Colberane - 549,967 exp
His best party kill is Neama, Guildmistress of the psioni... - 6,778,527 exp
Arch-Foe: Xzivak, Guildmistress of the Necromanc... - 6,126,132 exp
Arch PK Foe: Tycho


A man with a mysterious past, but a not so mysterious man, Tizoc has
wandered many lands, mostly as a street performer, under the Pseudonym and
persona of The Griffon. While he has only recently gone from his usual act
of "The Great Fighter of Justice", he is now under retraining of his
fighting art to become a real warrior. While he still likes to refer to
himself as the Griffon, he now likes to use his real name (or at least that
is what he claims) Tizoc.

Tizoc always tries to fight the good fight regardless of his own personal
strength and he sees that regardless of who or what a person might be
fighting for; If they are stronger they are suitable for him to test his
own strengths against.

It was not an easy thing to change his ways and become more than just a
street performer, and Tizoc had to learn the hard way. During his travels,
he has also run into some dealings with a noew defunct crimes family known
as the Heinliens. The Heinliens were humans who possessed strength that was
greater than any other race would think impossible, Tizoc joined a
tournament along side people from all over the world: Warriors, Mages,
Martial Artists, and the like all lined up to fight in a tournament that
would determine the truest of warriors. While Tizoc sadly was taken out in
the quarterfinals--as he was not as strong as he wanted to be. This did not
stop him from what he was destined to become, as he learned a little bit
more about the real justice in life. He was one of the fortunate ones who
were to watch the final round of the tournament: Two humans, Kain
Heinlien--the head of the crime family and head of the tournament--and his
seemingly mortal enemy, who Tizoc would end up searching for years as to
the identity of this man. Overall the bout was a spectacular matchup;
however he man who had put his own life on the line to win the tournament
had really only joined to put and end to the injustice that this powerful
crime family had spread across many lands. Not just his power, but his will
and his heart inspired Tizoc. He not only realize the true power in one's
body, but he also learned a little bit about himself and why he has choosen
the path of the warrior and the way of Justice. To this day, Tizoc
remembers the final words of a fallen crime lord:

"Life is a struggle from day to day. Those who fight to survive should
rule. Those who cannot stand up for themselves should perish."

And to this day, these are the words that Tizoc hopes to proove wrong with
every passing moment as he works his way towards being a true Champion of
Justice. He still does not know the identity of the valiant one who stood
tall against all opposition even though the odds were stacked against him.

Tizoc tends to wear his usual performers costume, along with his infamous
Griffon headdress that makes him look like a half bird, half man. While his
persona has always been the same since he first donned the mask back who
knows when.

Tizoc has recently encountered a young girl interested in the fighting arts
named Hotaru, and as a gesture of kindness, decided to let her tag along as
they both learn of the truths of Justice and the dangers that roam the lands.
It seems that just like him, this young girl wishes to find the one who
defeated the Heinlein crime family.

Vital stats -
Race: Unknown (Most likely some sort of elf)
Age: Unknown (Obviously an adult)
Height: 6 cubits, 8 fingers
Weight: 11.21 stones

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