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Fri Oct 19 15:01:37 2018

Tofystedeth the Templar of Death
Level: 30                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Demon                     Align:  Evil
Last on: 2899 days 13 hours 51 minutes and 33 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is old male troll - 84,860 exp
His best party kill is troll shaman - 324,971 exp
Arch-Foe: a minor basilisk - 44,968 exp
No Plan.


Tofystedeth was once the most loyal and trusted servant of Myandra O-Kamo,
the great and powerful god of all ducks. A god (albeit a lesser one) in
his own right, Tofystedeth was charged with a very important duty: To use
his powers to make wondrous places to explore and new things to do, so that
the mortals of this world might be pleased, and the prestige and honor of
the Duck Tribe further enhanced. However, he beset upon by many obstacles,
and failed in his appointed tasks, and was punished by gods even greater
than his own Lord and Master. His punishment was to be stripped of his
godly rank and powers, and cast forth from the realm of gods, to live
forever in the hideous body of a demon. His punishment and the mortal
form given him have made him bitter, and his acts devilish, but he still
hopes to someday regain the favor of the gods, most especially his
Lord O-kamo. As his own addition to his penitence, he has chosen to wear
the guise of a duck still, even though it appear twisted and foul as
nothing can be pure if wrought by a demon. He still lives this day as
he has always, a Duck Ninja of the most dedicated type, following the path
he has chosen with his entire being.

In his journeys in the mortal world, he managed to make a few very close
friends despite his evil ways, or perhaps because they could see through
them to noble being he once was, and tries to be still.

The first and oldest is Maynard. Tofystedeth met Maynard very shortly
after being cast down. Admiring the raw talent he saw in the then young
man, but seeing that he needed guidance in his in directionless life, he
took him under his (figurative) wing and began to teach him the ways of
the Ninja. Maynard quickly learned, and soon, surpassed his teacher, and
his wandering nature took over and he went from teacher to teacher,
learning the ways of the different trades, rapidly becoming one of the
most learned and powerful people in the land. Tofystedeth and Maynard
never forgot their early travels, and remain nearly kin to this day.
seeing this Myandra was pleased, and as a small sign of favor gave
Maynard an uprecedented membership, for a non-Duck, in the high priesthood
of the Duck church, and made a vow to finish the work that Tofystedeth
had started so long ago.

Tofystedeth made more friends; Gordak, Neotheblue, Urania, Quintesence;
guiding each one to the Path, then being quickly outstripped, held back
by his own duties and troubled past.

His newest companion is Ruth. Despite being near diametric opposites,
Ruth and Tofystedeth get along well. Ruth's goodness helps Tofystedeth
in his struggle to walk the Path of the Duck Ninja in honor, by balancing
his evil with her pure goodness, and comforting him when he fails in his
efforts, or is troubled.

Tofystedeth consorts with the Knights of Death, for his mortal form and
the preternatural talents carried over from his previous life, make him
well suited for their kind.

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