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Sat Jul 21 15:24:03 2018

Eccentric Tria is enjoying the carnage
Level: 310 [Creator]             Gender: Female 
Race:  Dark elf                  Align:  Neutral
Not logged on.
She has not read 2 of her 24 pieces of mail.
She is a player killer.
Her best kill is Trogdor - 999,999,999 exp
Her best party kill is Trogdor - 999,999,999 exp
She has a homepage at
***************Completed Projects *********************

                  Icy Plateau
                  Magic 8 Ball
              Christmas Quest (assist)
            Friendship Bracelet (assist)

******************In Progress**************************

              The Island of Feretas

****************Future Projects************************

                  Toys Galore
                 General Mayhem
           A Spelunking Expedition

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