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Fri Oct 19 16:17:37 2018

Twilight the Menace
Level: 75                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Faerie                    Align:  Good
Last on: 1655 days 16 hours 12 minutes and 15 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is Guillaume, the Keeper of the Unicorns - 324,960 exp
His best party kill is Santa Claus - 9,316,994 exp
Arch-Foe: Gir'an, the high elven guard - 1,652,907 exp
He is married to Tammy.
No Plan.


Ah yes... the archangel Twilight, what cannot be said about one of the
glorious angels of the divine heavens?Twilight was sent to the mortal realm
over a millennia ago on a quest to purge the known lands of evil. Immortal
and yet far from godly... Twilight fights the good fight... and wears the
armor of God himself. With the girdled loins of truth, Twilight keeps
himself in the presence of the father, the son ,and the holy spirit by
spreading the truths to the masses. Twilight wears the breastplate of
righteousness and forever shall. for it is this, the key piece of divinity
that keeps him in contact with the heavens. Twilight shods his feet with
the equipment of the gospel of peace. In doing so.. Twilight is never the
first to provoke to anger, peace shall prevail. Twilight carries the shield
of faith, for it is this that all godly works are accomplished through and
in using faith Twilight shall quench all the flaming darts of the evil one.
The helmet of salvation adorns the top of Twilight's head. Through
salvation shall one overcome wordily sins.. and pass from the darkness into
the light. Twilight wields the sword of the spirit..which in turn is the
word of god.

Being the good one is never easy. Twilight stands around 6 foot 6... and is
normally humbly cloaked in a large and deep black cloak. Twilight's long
flowing silver hair and his divine aura make everyone about him seem warm
and protected. God is on his side and it shows. Although an angel Twilight
will take up his sword and enter into battle when the time comes and
through this he had learned much..and it is through this and through the
knowledge of the heavens he is able to perform the healing miracles that he
does. A true oracle of the divinity indeed.

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