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Tue Feb 7 11:57:47 2023

Lord Vyschen doesn't care if his period bothers you.
Level: 84                        Gender: Male 
Race:  Dunadan                   Align:  Good
On for: 1 days 15 hours 42 minutes and 57 seconds
Linkdead for 1 hours 55 minutes and 17 seconds
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is A terrifying ghost of a giant - 464,013 exp
His best party kill is Librarian - 2,099,955 exp
Arch-Foe: Kraal the bouncer - 11,919,980 exp
He has a homepage at The Liquor Store.
No Plan.


In a world seemingly filled with Angels and Demons, emerged this smart-ass... Often misunderstood, overly-eccentric, and outspoken. Abandoned long before I can remember, taken to the surface world, blah..di.blah.. blah..blah, whatevs. I kill mercilessly, whether from saving a village from an army of orcs, then proceeding to slaughter them myself. To chasing innocent Bunny's, Yalahake seems like cool guy. But I digress, I seek only to become stronger, mostly myself. I will team up if it is beneficial to be (by means of equipment, or massive experience/gold are in it). Just remember even if you do, expect the most witty of comments (often perceived as... SO RUDE!!!).

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