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Fri Oct 19 21:27:37 2018

Yiuwan the Scourge of the Undead
Level: 115                       Gender: Male 
Race:  Angel                     Align:  Good
Last on: 4307 days 23 hours 36 minutes and 49 seconds ago
He has no unread mail.
His best kill is A ragged mummy - 1,157,720 exp
His best party kill is A tall, sturdy man in black robes - 1,375,645 exp
No Plan.


Yiuwan is a relatively recent arrival in the city of Loriah,
far from his original home. He remains silent about his
experiences before his arrival, perhaps through shame or
perhaps simply because he feels no need to dwell on the past.
It is hard to determine his age, as angels do not suffer the
ravages of time like most other races.

Since arriving in Loriah, he has been a keen student of the
local environment. Calling upon either the holy powers of
his Lord or the more earthly powers of Nature, he has little
fear of the dark places of Avalon. His goals center around
the acquisition of knowledge - either of his own abilities,
or the details of those he comes in conflict with.

He has little liking for crowds, and prefers to explore the
world in solitary contemplation - or perhaps with a trusted
animal companion. He will fly miles out of his way to
investigate a ruined building or dank cave, always alert for
the presence of the undead whose existence is abhorrent to
God and Nature. When he does meet a fellow adventurer by
chance, he is pleasant but always at least somewhat reserved.

His favored garb is a snug white outfit that covers him
entirely below the neck, except for his wings - a compromise
between warmth aloft and freedom of movement.

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