An interview with Cirden - 2002-10-12

Personal details:

Q: How did you get your name?
A: It was a personal creation, I liked the sound of it so I went with it

Q: How old are you?
A: I'm 16 years old

Q: What level are you?
A: I'm a level 53

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: Very active, I'd do a lot to help someone in need and I never hesitate to speak my mind.

Q: Where do you live?
A: I live in Rural Illinois, basically a giant cornfield.

Q: How long have you been logging on to AoD?
A: Iím not positive but I think Iíve been here for around a year.

Mudding in general:

Q: How did you first get in contact with Ages of Despair?
A: A Friend, Mithrandir introduced me to the game and i've been playing ever since.

Q: Are you a normal mudder or do you seldom log on?
A: Normal, I do my best to log on every day, It's hard not to :P

Q: Have you met any fellow mudders in RL?
A: Yes, Iíve known Mithrandir for around 3 years, he's the only one Iíve ever met.

Game specific:

Q: What was your first kill and if you ever died, what was the first thing that killed you?
A: Heh, I remember these, my first kill was the Rooster, my first death, The guard dog...I remember that day well :P

Q: Did you ever get killed by a ("the") horrible creature?
A: As a matter of fact, yes, I got curious, ignored the warning, and paid the price :)

Q: Who is your favourite and most hated npc respectively?
A: Favorite, hmm, probably Naralith, he's got that aura of respect. Most hated, Jaecla, easily. :P

Q: What is the funniest/strangest thing that ever happened to you on AoD?
A: That's a tough one, Strangest would have to be my first death, I had absolutely no clue what had happened. Funniest, hmm, probably when Griff tried to kill the Sage.

Q: Do you have any piece of equipment you just can't live without?
A: My Ice Crown, Hardest thing for me to get and well worth the wait.

Q: Do you have a "special place" where you like to hang out, a private corner so to speak?
A: There's a garden in one of the towns of Avalon, I like to relax and talk there.

Q: how much time online do you spend relaxing rather that exping?
A: It all depends on the people on, if no one is on, I log off to do other things. If someone is on that I enjoy talking to, I could spend hours talking :)

Q: What is the best thing about Ages of Despair?
A: Easy, The people, the diversity here is amazing. Everyone has a sense of humor and everyone is willing to lend a hand with everything.

Q: What is the worst thing about Ages of Despair?
A: Reboot, It always comes around when I donít want it to. :P

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give to new players that just entered our world?
A: Be Patient! Rome wasn't built in a day. Ask around, Use your channels and read that Handbook! Every answer for all your questions is in the book, It was a lifesaver for me.

Other / Strange:

Q: Were you ever convicted of a crime?
A: Yes =( I got mad one day and killed some people, it was extremelly stupid and I highly suggest finding another method of expressing your anger.

Q: How many friends/family play?
A: 1, Mithrandir, I'm trying to get my brother and father to play but both seem too occupied with real life. They don't know what they're missing :)

Q: Favourite quote?
A: Never Give Up, All things can be accomplished with time.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to mention about yourself or your life?
A: I'm just your average guy, I had to do everything everyone else had to do to get to where I am in this game. Just because I might be bigger than most doesn't mean you can't converse with me :)

Q: If you could remove one of the questions from this interview and replace it with another one, which would you remove and what would you replace it with?
A: probably the last question, I'd replace it with a question regarding the size of the game :)

Q: And of course I will have to ask you to answer your own question now.
A: The size of the game and the number of players is definitely becoming an issue in my eyes, it seems the amount of areas and the amount of players is unbalanced. I find myself rushing to an area just to get a small amount of exp before the other guy does. The only solution I see is to make more areas, but this in turn would require more Wizzes :P

Q: Who would you like me to interview next?
A: Dallis :P

Q: Why Dallis?
A: Dallis is a great person, one of the most interesting people I've ever met on this game. You'd have an easy time getting great answers out of her :)

Q: Do I have your permission to make this information public on the People of AoD webiste or any other media?
A: Absolutely

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