An interview with Faye and Ulme - 2002-10-12

Personal details:

Q: How did you get your names?
UA: Ulme is an old nickname :)
FA: I needed a new wiz name (i had another wiz char before this one) and I wanted something that had a nice meaning and was plain pretty. I found Faye in a celtic name book. It has two meanings: related to the fairy folk and wise woman :)

Q: How old are you both?
UA: I am 27 here :)
FA: On the mud I am 87 days old, irl I am heading for the big 2-5
Faye shivers.
Ulme grins

Q: What levels are you?
FA: I am little, I am only level 270
UA: I am level 1000, which makes me like 730 levels higher than my wife ;)
Ulme grins at Faye.
FA: i hate you.
UA: it's kinda nice :)

Q: How would you describe yourselfs?
FA: Strange, straight forward, sick sense of humor, serious when i have to be. yep, that should sum it up
UA: I am a nice friend I think, lazy though... I spend too much time in front of the computer, and I am very much in love with the little girl next to me.
Ulme points at Faye.

Q: Where do you live?
FA: Too far from Ulme, in the south of the Netherlands
UA: In Lund, Sweden during the weeks because I work there, and in Stockholm, Sweden on the wekeends because I ... live there ;)

Q: How long have you been logging on to AoD?
UA: Since it was up and running for the first time :)
FA: I started aod as a player in february 2001, started wizzing early may 2001.

Mudding in general:

Q: How did you first get in contact with Ages of Despair?
UA: One day an angel whispered in my ear: Ulme, you must create a mud. A mud where lots of drama will take place, and where people will meet and be happy. This is your quest. The quest for the mud. And you shall call it Ages of Despair.
Q: A vision no less!, and you Faye ?
FA: I was bored and in need of a distraction. so this guy told me about muds and i tried several muds. I didnt like any of them til i got on aod. A certain player took me along with him showing me around and it looked nice. had I known how it would affect my life, being stuck to that guy and all *points at Ulme* I would have reconsidered but noooo...I wasnt that smart.
Ulme laughs.
UA: so loving :)

Q: Are you a normal mudder or do you seldom log on?
UA: I am a very abnormal mudder :) I log on pretty much daily nowadays, but only if my dutch thingie-mabob is on ;) Ulme points at Faye.
FA: Well, for a while I was quite a mud addict. I logged on less because I got cynical and bored (we all have those phases and since I deal with law now, I sort of have to log on every day. I do idle a lot or I zap the swede.
Ulme grins
An aura of heavenly light appears above Faye's head

Q: Have you met any fellow mudders in RL?
FA: We are a couple irl. Personally I only met a few mudders irl (actually, 2 of them, Ulme and Firelord) but i did talk to several mudders on the phone and stuff. About once every 2 or 3 weeks Ulme drags himself to Holland to entertain me
UA: I have met around 20-25 people rl, including my girlfriend... but she already explained that :)
FA: he is more social than me.

Game specific:

Q: What was your first kill and if you ever died, what was the first thing that killed you?
FA: as a mortal i have no idea. as a wiz my first kill was a groupie i coded for Welkasre and the first person that killed me was Nemesis with her big mean whip
UA: Ulme says: I honestly can't remember... I never played the game much really :)

Q: Did you ever get killed by a ("the") horrible creature?
FA: I dont think so.
UA: I think I did, but can't say for sure.

Q: Who is your favourite and most hated npc respectively?
UA: The horrible creature is the most hated one... my favourite is my little companion monkey that Faye coded for me - Mookie :)
FA: My fave npc is Elvandil (killable soon! really!) but i am biased. My most hated one is the Loriah Mayor. The wuss is always hiding!
Ulme laughs.!

Q: What is the funniest/strangest thing that ever happened to you on AoD?
FA: A lot of things, but the thing I expected least was to meet the guy i want to grow old with irl on the mud when i was at a point where i was cynical and sick of relationships, especially long distance/online ones
UA: Ulme says: Hmm... I would call realizing my feelings for this young girl here a pretty strange experience, it was something that sorta came sneaking up on me.

Q: Do you have any piece of equipment or code you just can't live without?
FA: My wedding ring and the access to the logs for my law work
UA: About code... I do have a pretty neat jukebox that I like. Codewise, the thing itself is boring after a while.

Q: Do you have a "special place" where you like to hang out, a private corner so to speak?
UA: She has a bedroom ;)
FA: Our bedroom :)
Ulme grins at Faye.
Faye gives Ulme a high-five!
Ulme gives Faye a high-five!

Q: How much of your time on AOD do you spend hanging out or chatting compared with coding or working??
UA: personally, chatting/hanging out is all I do :), or make that 99%
FA: Lately i spend quite a lot of time working (since i started law) but i idle a lot too or i smooch that guy.

Q: What is the best thing about Ages of Despair?
Ulme points at Faye.
FA: Ulme.
Faye giggles merrily.
FA: No, not just Ulme. I'd say the people in general.
UA: ooh, I just pointed at Faye ;) that was my answer... she is the best thing about aod :)
Faye goes "nahhhh".

Q: What is the worst thing about Ages of Despair?
FA: Politics and bullshit rules. I hate it when people are dishonest or dont respect others.
UA: drama :)

Q: : Do you have any driving ambitions on AOD? something that you want to achieve?
UA: hmm no, I feel like I did my part here... coding doesn't interest me much anymore :)
FA: Currently i am working on making the law clear to players as well as wizzes since there often is quite some confusion about the exact rules and stuff. Next thing i have planned is coding a law library and other things to make law more clear and accessable to players. when i am done with that i think i might retire. i dont know.

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give to new players (or wiz apprentices for that matter) that just entered our world?
UA: Stay away from Griff, that guy is a lunatic.
FA: Read the helpfiles, and make sure you read the anouncement boards at all times. and respect your fellow players and wizzes. If you approach someone in a respectful friendly manner you will receive that respect back.

Other / Strange:

Q: How many friends/family play?
UA: My brother has a character, he doesn't log on very often though.
FA: My boyfriend plays (points at Ulme) but there are several people here on aod who i have gotten to know and consider close friends now.
UA: I have a few rl friends that are inack... alarielle at least.Plus of course my guuurlfriend :). oops that are active still, I think.

Q: Favourite quote?
FA: Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend or a meaningful day. In the practice of tolerance, ones enemy is the best teacher.
- the Dalai Lama
UA: I only have one favourite quote. "There is NO emoticon for what I am feeling right now".

Q: If you could remove one of the questions from this interview and replace it with another one, which would you remove and what would you replace it with?
FA: You didnt ask us how we got married and how we became rl boyfriend and girlfriend and i would skip the "how active are you" stuff
An aura of heavenly light appears above Faye's head.
UA: I would remove the "first kill/killed by" question, only cause it's so hard to answer for old players :) I don't know what question I would replace it with though.

Q: And of course I will have to ask you to answer your own question now.
Faye giggles merrily.
FA: Well, we were friends really and we started to like eachother but we didnt feel that we could claim we were lovers without at least meeting first to see how we get along irl. So we met irl about 2 months or so ago and it was wonderful :)
UA: I would say we became rl boy/girlfriends when we kissed for the first time. She was all shy and stuff and we were sitting in a nightclub/bar thingie. And I had a hard time making her even look in my direction but we finally ended up kissing ;)

Q: Which player would you like me to interview next, why, and what question do you want me to ask?
FA: Welkasre, because the troll needs to come out more in public.
UA: hmm let Faye answer that one :) I say welkasre too because he stinks and needs a shower. Ask him where the sheep is :)
Faye agrees wholeheartedly with Ulme.

Q: Do I have your permission to make this information public on the People of AoD webiste or any other media?
UA: Indeed :)
FA: Sure

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