Jaelle, formerly known as a dirty smurf - 2004-11-04

Personal details:

Q: How did you get your name?
A: from Sarissa

Q: How old are you?
A: 21

Q: What level are you?
A: 50

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: outgoing and love to nerd it up! lol

Q: Where do you live?
A: Canada

Q: How long have you been logging on to AoD?
A: 8 weeks 4 days 9 hours 26 min and 34 seconds ... since July 11, 2004

Mudding in general:

Q: How did you first get in contact with Ages of Despair?
A: with friends at a LAN party!

Q: Do you regularly play or wiz on any other MUDs?
A: nope!

Q: Are you a normal mudder or do you seldom log on?
A: I am always here so i would say addicted mudder!!

Q: Have you met any fellow mudders in RL?
A: lots of them... some are friends in r/l

Game specific:

Q: Did you ever get killed by a ("the") horrible creature?
A: no can't say i have but that afterlife was kinda bad!!
(Afterlife? Do explain. -- Ed) A: al not afterlife ...

Q: Who is your favourite and most hated npc respectively?
A: favourite would be Santa when he comes and hated ummm... can't say i have any other then the ones that kill me!!

Q: What is the funniest/strangest thing that ever happened to you on AoD?
A: ummm... getting killed by my own party memeber !! (I will get you back!!*wink*)

Q: Do you have any piece of equipment you just can't live without?
A: yea my belly chain whee!

Q: What do you prefer to do, Solo or Party?
A: since i am a healer i like to party... plus it adds a little bit more fun to the game and you get to know the people really really well !

Q: Do you have a "special place" where you like to hang out, a private corner so to speak?
A: arsenik 's bath tub lol (a room in his house) or login
(Naughty girl! -- Ed)

Q: How much of your time on AOD do you spend hanging out or chatting compared with exping?
A: its about half and half i think

Q: What is the best thing about Ages of Despair?
A: I would have to say the people ! both the Admin and the players are awesome! and second would be the chance to just get away from everything (get lost per say)

Q: What is the worst thing about Ages of Despair?
A: when people get into bad moods and start taking "the game" to seriously!!

Q: Do you have any driving ambitions on AOD? Is there anything that you want to achieve or perhaps something that you have already achieved?
A: I want Fayes job lol j/k I want to be a good player and know the game maybe become a wizzie one day
(Believe me, you do NOT want my job :) -- Ed) A: who says
A: lol
(After a few days you would beg to retire dear ;) -- Ed) A: then i could say i did it!

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give to new players that have just entered our world?
A: my biggest advice would be don't give up on the game... its hard at the begining but it does get better!! and stay low (level) exp high (whee)

Other / Strange:

Q: Were you ever convicted of a crime?
A: nope i am a good little girl!! lol }:)

Q: Have you ever engaged in so-called mudsex?
A: no just fondling lol

Q: Favourite quote?
A: hummm not to sure not really a quotey person!! but one is there "there are bigger better fish in the sea ... and its more fun to catch and release then just take one home" quote "my momma"

Q: What music are you listening to now, if any?
A: the doors light my fire!

Q: Who would you like me to interview next, and why?
A: xvim cause he is a funny funny guy no just kidding its cause i wanna go kill his mobs hehehe }:)

Q: If I do that interview, is there a specific question that you want me to ask?
A: not that i can think of ... your creative!!

Q: Do I have your permission to make this information public on the People of AoD webiste or any other media?
A: sure why not ... will i be famous then?!?
(who knows ;) -- Ed)

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