Meeting with Ordred, the STRANGE! - 2002-05-21

Personal Details:

Q: How did you get your name?
A: When I first started playing MUD's in 1996 or so, I was reading John Morressey's "Greymantle" trilogy. Ordred was a major character and I liked the name. I've used it on the internet ever since.

Q: How old are you?
A: "Younger than dirt, but older than television." I turned 53 last February.

Q: What level are you?
A: My level is whatever I want it to be, I think I'm level 1000 now. I'm the first admin added to the staff of AoD after the founders.

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: In RL, I'm 6'4" tall and weigh around 210 pounds. On AoD I'm a powerful gnome. I love making complicated toys that are absolutely useless and messing around in the guts of how this world works.

Q: Where do you live?
A: My mailing address is in Houston, Texas, USA, but I mostly live within my head.

Q: How long have you been logging on to AoD?
A: I applied to be a wizard here on Sun Aug 9 04:07:16 1998. That means that I started playing MUDS a LOT earlier than 1996.

Mudding in general:

Q: How did you first get in contact with Ages of Despair?
A: I saw an ad for experienced TMI coders on newsgroup just after my previous mud folded.

Q: Are you a normal mudder, or do you seldom log on?
A: Nobody would consider me normal in any way :) It is extremely rare that I don't log in every day.

Q: Have you met any fellow mudders in RL?
A: Yes, I attended the admin conference in Atlanta when Ulme came to visit Nemesis and Simon (Raul was there also).

Game Specific:

Q: What was your first kill and if you ever died, what was the first thing that killed you?
A: I don't think that I've ever died and kills have never been very important to my level of responsibility.

Q: Did you ever get killed by a ("the") horrible creature?
A: I've WRITTEN several "horrible creatures" :)

Q: Who is your favourite and most hated npc respectively?
A: Nayeri must be the most hated, I don't think I like many npc's.

Q: What is the funniest/strangest thing that ever happened to you on AoD?
A: That is impossible for me to answer, I'm usually responsible for most of the strange things that happen.

Q: Do you have any piece of equipment you just can't live without?
A: Yes, it is hard-coded in /adm/etc/groups and called "admin".

Q: Do you have a "special place" where you like to hang out, A private corner so to speak?
A: I usually default to my workroom, with special occasions in my "mudbath".

Q: What is the best thing about Ages of Despair?
A: The community of players is the best thing, as nasty as the little buggers are :)

Q: What is the worst thing about Ages of Despair?
A: It requires that I be able to see and type to visit my friends.

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give to new players that have just entered our world?
A: Read everything that you can! There is no way to "win" this game and speed of advancement doesn't help at all. Learn to have fun with the people here and give up on having some sort of RealLife(tm).

Other / Strange:

Q: Were you ever convicted of a crime?
A: I get to define the crimes against AoD. My worst crime has been the Pokemon invasions.

Q: How many friends/family play?
A: Not counting the Admin that I've met, nobody that I know plays here. My daughter refuses to even try.

Q: Favourite quote?
A: "It is hard to imagine people who want to play a text-only game who refuse to read."

Q: Is there anything else you would like to mention about yourself or your life?
A: Fairly soon, there will be a statue in the Loriah courtyard that sums it all up.

Q: If you could remove one of the questions from this interview and replace it with another one, which would you remove and what would you replace it with?
A: I like the questions, they tend to show a full range of the character.

Q: Do I have your permission to make this information public on the People of AoD website or any other media?
A: Yes, you can make it all public.

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