An interview with Vincor - 2002-12-13

Personal details:

Q: How did you get your name?
A: A favourite series of books dealt with a Planet called Gor. I just made a name similar to the kind on that planet.

Q: How old are you?
A: irl mid-40's

Q: What level are you?
A: Level 83

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: Articulate, creative, persistent, a lover of fine food, fine people and fine times .. oh and AoD!

Q: Where do you live?
A: Southern Ontario, Canada, halfway between Niagara Falls and Toronto.

Q: How long have you been logging on to AoD?
A: Since about March of 2002.

Mudding in general:

Q: How did you first get in contact with Ages of Despair?
A: A friend of mine introduced me to it.

Q: Does you friend still play?
A: Not as much as he (Saruman) did.

Q: Do you regularly play or wiz on any other MUDs?
A: No. I am on AoD exclusively.

Q: Are you a normal mudder or do you seldom log on?
A: Normal? Hmm. LOL! I would say that I am on regularly. At least an hour a day.

Q: Have you met any fellow mudders in RL?
A: Yes.

Q: Who?
A: Saruman and Tigana.

Game specific:

Q: What was your first kill and if you ever died, what was the first thing that killed you?
A: I remember! (having a 'senior's moment) .... It was to the Horrible Creature.

Q: Who is your favourite and most hated npc respectively?
A: My fav is Indilf. My most hated is the Captain. He is the epitome of all that I despise!

Q: What is the funniest/strangest thing that ever happened to you on AoD?
A: Today I was ticked off because a few days ago, I had accidentally logged off without storing my eq. So, I thought that I would create an alias to make sure that I put my eq away before I quit. I THOUGHT that I was ready to test it but I had forgotten (another senior's moment) to take off my regular eq. Well the test failed and I ended up quitting and dropping my eq in the Cleric's Hall. Thankfully Alarielle came to my rescue and returned my articles when I logged back in.

Q: Do you have any piece of equipment you just can't live without?
A: My brain.

Q: What do you prefer Solo or Party?
A: I don't party much anymore. I got tired of either waking up dead or wandering around looking for mobs. I mostly solo now.

Q: Do you have a "special place" where you like to hang out, a private corner so to speak?
A: IRL, on the 4th step on my staircase. It's a great place to read a book and my dog knows it's a great spot to get a free scratch or two.
A: In the game, in my house.

Q: How much of your time on AOD do you spend hanging out or chatting compared with exping?
A: 97.8% exping for sure (give or take a basis point or two).

Q: What is the best thing about Ages of Despair?
A: The best thing about AoD is that it's a relaxing diversion from 'regular' life. It's cool how there's a sort of community here. It's not a perfect community but that's part of the charm. It's like a village with all the charm of small town life.

Q: What is the worst thing about Ages of Despair?
A: From time to time, there's some pretty immature behaviour. That gets under my skin.

Q: Do you have any driving ambitions on AOD? Is there anything that you want to achieve or perhaps something that you have already achieved?
A: Before RL got so busy, I was on track to reach Level 100 by the end of 2002. Now my goals are daily ones: earn a certain amount of xp and coin and above all remember that this is to be an enjoyable game, with the emphasis on GAME.

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give to new players that just entered our world?
A: I would like to encourage new players to be patient. AoD is more complex than it looks and you can't learn it all in 1 day. There are many people willing to help you but first you have to show that you are willing to put in the effort to learn. As the MUD develops and as you develop, you will have a very rewarding entertainment experience. So hang in there.

Other / Strange:

Q: Were you ever convicted of a crime?
A: Yeah. I attacked a 'mysterious player' who I had caught in the act of lifting some of my eq. There was a bounty, I spilled some blood, lost some coins and xp and learned a lesson as valuable as 'Don't eat yellow snow'.
A: lol.

Q: How many friends/family play?
A: RL family? None. RL Friends? 2

Q: Favourite quote?
A: Let me think for a sec ...
A: Both are movie quotes: the first where the Mexican bandito chief masquerading as a policeman (a 'Federale') says "Badges? Badges? We don't need no STINKIN' badges!"

Q: And the second
A: The other is from the greatest movie of all time: The Princess Bride
Q: Erm... oh .. great.. what is it?
A: where the short guy (name escapes me) ... says "Never mess with a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line" ... I think that's the quote.

Q: What music are you listening to now?
A: I'm on a funk retrospective about now so I have been playing a lot of "One Nation Under a Groove" by the Funkadelics.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to mention about yourself or your life?
A: Just that if I am crown Miss America that I want peace for the whole world and a chicken in every pot! Thank and God Bless. I love you all.

Q: If you could remove one of the questions from this interview and replace it with another one, which would you remove and what would you replace it with?
A: This last one about what questions I would want removed and replaced.

Q: And replace it with?
A: And replace it with 'What one thing would you like to see changed on AoD?

Q: And of course I will have to ask you to answer your own question now.
A: I would like to see more areas where newbies and midbies can xp without having to compete so much with the rest.

Q: Who would you like me to interview next, and why?
A: Some of the newer players around level 20 to get their perspectives. It would be refreshing to see how they see AoD.

Q: If I do that interview, is there a specific question that you want me to ask?
A: That last one that I suggested. It's the new blood that often has the freshest impact.

Q: Do I have your permission to make this information public on the People of AoD webiste or any other media?
A: Sure (minus the typos if you please).

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